So you’re probably thinking – “Great! Another parenting website  telling me what I should or shouldn’t be doing!” AND you can’t be bothered to read on because you know  what you’re about to read is going to conflict with the last thing you read on parenting or worst still make you feel like you’re doing everything wrong?…

(Sound about right?)

I’m not surprised – I’ve been there and felt like that enough times!

Don’t worry – I’m not here to tell you I’m the world’s best parent and know exactly how to handle every parenting situation. Frankly anyone that tells you they can do this isn’t being totally honest.


Because each and every baby is unique, each and every family is different and the only people that can decide what is best in the circumstances is you.

However, to be able to decide for yourself you need to have:

  1. Access to the facts for and against any approach from real parents (judgement free I might add) without having to trawl the internet for hours on end (because I’ve done it all for you – you’re welcome!)
  2. The right mindset to be able to adapt to the changes that becoming a parent will bring (when you’ve got the right mindset there’s little that can get in your way of being an awesome parent!)



That’s why I created Parenting Mindset….to give parents and parents-to-be backstage access to some real behind the scenes footage (and I mean the stuff most parents are too scared to admit) of how it feels to be a parent, all the different ways people choose to parent and how they are all great parents despite how their parenting styles differ.

Of course, I’ll share my own experiences too – so you can see how I’ve used the information I’ve found and how my mindset has evolved since becoming a parent (click here for episode 1 of Meet the Mindsets).

I want a world where parents are not judged for their decisions – where real parents tell parents to-be the truth – and that my friend, can only happen when everyone feels comfortable with the parenting decisions they’ve made!

That is why you need to be informed….be very informed…(But not overly informed – I’ll make it fun – I promise!)

Can’t wait to know more…it’s simple…sign up below (it’s free) and I’ll meet you backstage  🙂

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