Episode 1 – Home Sweet Home!

Finally – they were home! Mummy and Daddy mindset were settling Baby mindset in to her new environment.

They just couldn’t stop staring at their beautiful baby – completely and unconditionally in love. Neither of them had ever experienced anything like it.

This is what people must have meant when they talked about being in that baby bubble! They didn’t want it to end – especially Mummy mindset.

Mummy mindset had been feeling quite anxious at the thought of visitors arriving – she didn’t know when she had ever experienced happiness like this, but at the same time she felt all over the place.

The sleep deprivation, flood of hormones and mixed emotions were making her feel quite vulnerable, but at the same time very protective of her baby. She wanted Baby mindset to have as much peace and calm as possible and was worried that too many visitors would be tiring for her and Baby.

Daddy mindset knew that Mummy was worried and tried his best to help her relax. He understood that everyone was excited to meet their bundle of joy – and plus they had all been so generous with their offers of help and food.1. image copy

Just then the bell rang and Grandma, Grandpa and Aunty had come to see how they were getting on. Grandma had cooked some very yummy food and it was the first time Mummy and Daddy realised that they were actually a bit hungry.

Aunty sat cuddling baby while Mummy and Daddy had their food – and in that moment – Mummy couldn’t help feeling so grateful to be surrounded by so much love. She reflected that this is how Grandma and Grandpa must have felt when they bought her home from the hospital – or they had better pretend!

The first weekend after Baby mindset was born was a hectic one – there were visitors arriving left, right and centre and Mummy wasn’t able to nap while Baby mindset was asleep. Even though they kept telling her to rest, she didn’t feel she was able to sleep while her family and friends were downstairs. Baby mindset seemed to be in a world of her own and sleeping so peacefully throughout all the commotion. Mummy was thankful for this, but she was feeling quite rattled by Sunday evening.

Baby was breastfeeding every 2 hours around the clock and adjusting to keeping up with the demand was exhausting enough for Mummy. She wanted to breastfeed, but she really needed her rest inbetween. She asked Daddy to think of a way to help her – because she couldn’t quite think clearly enough for herself.

Daddy mindset was slightly taken aback. Mummy mindset had always been clear minded, decisive and so strong in his eyes. This was a completely new side to her that he hadn’t seen before and he wasn’t quite sure how to respond. However, he knew his priority was to try and make things as easy as possible for her and Baby.

Mummy needed her rest so he decided the best thing to do would be to avoid visitors during nap times. Nap times were not yet an exact science – however, baby seemed to be more alert at night than during the day – so he kept visitors limited to the early evenings.

This meant that Mummy could rest during the day, have guests over to entertain baby while she was alert and then Mummy could cope better with the night feeds. This worked a lot better and Mummy actually enjoyed having visitors over.

It was nice to see friendly faces and have them tell her how beautiful Baby was. There was also a constant stream of food so she knew she didn’t have to worry about that.

They just needed to find a way that suited Mummy and Baby’s routine (or lack of) and not try to stretch themselves too far. Daddy thought to himself – they had spent so much time preparing for the practical side of parenting – he wished they had known what the emotional journey would be like. He made a note to try harder to foresee the things that may be harder for Mummy going forward.

Oh dear! Hard first week for Mummy! How do you feel about visitors during the early weeks when baby is home? If you’ve been through it, how did you cope? If you’re about to be parents – how do you think you’ll tackle this?

 It’s fun to share – especially if you have something you want to get off your chest – the bonus is, you’ll be helping mummys and daddys to be by giving them your insight! Free your mind by entering into the comments box.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Home Sweet Home!”

  1. This was such a good read and scarily familiar. We actually told both grandmamas a no visitors rule for the first month- only immediate family. So iF prole approached them asking if they cold vis it they eold trll them that we had this rule. Im glad we made this rule. This way I didn’t feel awkward about leaving a bit of mess around and looking a complete mess lols! It also gave me the space to rest and bond with my baby. I love my friends and family but I didn’t regret having this rule one bit. It was our first baby and parenting was new to us. It gave us an opportunity to figure out how to be parents without too much unsolicited advice… lols

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