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In a world where pressures are continually increasing and it feels like there are never enough hours in a day – it’s important as Mamas that we pace ourselves to avoid burnout and moody mama syndrome!

Having just 10-15 mins of space and relaxation can dramatically improve your energy levels, productivity and get yourself in the right mindset and vibe to bring to life all that you hold within your heart and your head!

It’s your time to shine Mama – so use these tracks to help you centre yourself at the beginning and end of each day so that you can share your gift without the burnout…

There are two tracks (and samples below):

  • Focus Track – This is to re-energise and focus yourself for the day while helping you get clarity of what actions you should be taking to move forward for yourself and your business. The best time to listen is in the morning but listen at any time during the day before you are going to start working on something.

Press play to hear the sample (You may need to turn up the sound depending on your device):

Music credit: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

  •  Reflection Track – A track to help you reflect and debrief from the   day and learn what has worked and what has not, so that you can take these learnings and make tomorrow and even more awesome day. It will also help you get a good night’s sleep (children permitting) and feel re-energised the next morning! Needless to say it’s best listened to at night, before you go to sleep.

Press play to hear the sample (You may need to turn up the sound depending on your device):

Music Credit: Christopher Lloyd Clarke

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