So I’m guessing I should really introduce myself – especially since I’m expecting you to give a monkeys about what I’ve got to say, right?…

I’m a hard working corporate Ninja by day, compassionate human being by night (hence this blog) and a 24/7 cool Mamma (yes I do say so myself – Thank You!).

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My purpose? – to create a community where parents and parents-to-be (and anyone who’s curious) can get unbiased, honest and unrestricted access on what it’s like to be a parent when you decide to do X, Y and Z (or just X, or just Y or X&Y, but not Z – basically we got it all covered!) 

BUT without the judgement, without the preaching and without the guilt tripping (Is that even possible? I’ll show you that it is!)

My aim? – to create confident parents, who aspire to be the very  best version of themselves, who trust their decisions, who  don’t worry about what others have to say and break those parenting stereotypes.

WHY? Because only you know what works best for you and your family (No matter how much some people try to convince you otherwise) and rather than tell you what’s best – I believe you should have the opportunity to decide for yourself based on information from all sorts of great parents who all parent quite differently.

The fun part? – It’s free! – Just pop your name and e-mail in the box below and you’ll get your backstage pass sent straight to your inbox. Look forward to seeing you there 🙂

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